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 Xcel Furniture & Xcel Community Shop Terms & Conditions

(In response to COVID-19, 2020)

During the last few months, it has been a challenging and uncertain time for most of society in the wake of this global pandemic, and we at the Xcel project have also had to adjust to a new normal like all of you since we took the difficult steps to close back in March.

This was an unenviable decision that we made before the UK lockdown was announced, it was not a decision taken lightly as we knew it would have a significant impact on our business, staff and customers alike.

We have been eager to return to work and support the community ever since the Welsh Government’s decision to re-open non-essential businesses in June. However, we did not want to re-open at the earliest opportunity before putting significant measures in place to help ensure the safety and consideration of our staff and customers.

With this in mind we would love to welcome you all back to Xcel Furniture & Xcel Community Shop on our day of re-opening which will be Monday, August 3rd 2020. We have new opening times which are possibly subject to change in future considering the ever changing landscape of the current situation. These will be Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm. We will not be open on Saturday for the foreseeable future.

Also for the time being, The Community Shop has been incorporated into the Furniture Showroom. It will operate the same hours listed above, with donations to be dropped off from the 13th of August 2020 on a Thursday and Friday only each week. No items to be left outside the old shop building please, only to be taken to the loading bay opposite the Furniture Showroom. Please alert a staff member before unloading any items.

We are extremely grateful and overwhelmed by the support and donations that we have received from the local community to date but we really do have to prioritise the items that we need at this time in order to move forward successfully.

Please do not drop off any items outside our normal working hours and ensure they are clean and of good quality.

Therefore, preferably in clear/see-through bags the only items we will be accepting are:


  • Men’s, Women’s, Children’s & Baby Clothing (No Underwear or Swimwear Please)

  • Shoes

  • Bedding

  • Toys

All donations where possible will be checked by staff members and please only include the items listed above, we will have no alternative other than to reject unsuitable items.

We will not be accepting bric-o-brac items, these items include crockery, tea sets, mugs, picture frames, mirrors etc.

In line with many other similar stores/organisations we will not be issuing refunds on clothing or shoes on safety grounds.

Safety measures we have put in place:

  • We will be operating with a maximum of 5 customers in the showroom at any one time (couples counted as 1 customer); please observe at least a 2 metre social distance as directed in most shops/businesses at present. Please be sensible and considerate regarding other customers and staff members. Please use your own discretion in bringing your children into the store.

  • Hand Sanitising Stations. We would encourage all customers to sanitise their hands on their way in and out, wear a protective mask as well as disposable gloves.

  • We have installed a one-way system in place with plenty of markings and queuing systems placed outside. The main double doors will be the only entrance and exit, the fire exit door opposite the car park is not to be used.

  • Access from Llanstephan Road will be through the side entrance gate only, which is the next left junction on the main road after the Xcel Bowl entrance. Access via the Xcel Bowl entrance will not be permitted. Please use the car park adjacent to the Furniture Showroom only.

On the Xcel Furniture side of things; we are not collecting or delivering any items of furniture to begin with. Items purchased in the showroom are to be collected by the customer only. Items to be donated are to be agreed/approved via Facebook messenger or e-mail only first as it gives us a chance to see pictures of your items and agree if they are suitable for us before your bring them down. All items will be inspected before accepting them in the loading bay. Please seek a member of staff before unloading any items.

We thoroughly encourage all customers buying items from us to take those items with them at the time of purchase due to our limited space in the showroom and warehouse.

These rules will be reviewed regularly and are subject to change at any time if we feel it is necessary and suitable to do so. We are re-opening our both shops with a more limited number of staff so please bear with us at this uncertain time.

We trust you will understand that we have had to put these rules and regulations in place in order to welcome you all back to our shops safely, successfully and happily at the beginning of August.

For any further enquiries please contact us via info@xcelfurniture.co.uk or (01267) 225995.

Thanks for your time and patience, we hope to see you very soon.

Xcel Team.