What types of goods do you take in your shops?

We look for good quality men’s and women’s clothing and shoes good quality furniture children’s clothing, toys and games with all of the pieces non-pierced jewellery belts, handbag unwanted gifts small household electricals large household electricals If you want to check any items with us, please call us on 01267 225995 or email us Contact us | Xcel Furniture. Carmarthen

Would you take a sofa without fire labels?

No we can not due to the. Regulations Please click link below.

Would you take a armchair without fire labels?

No we can not due to the. Regulations Please click link below. The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1989 and 1993).

Has mattresses got to have fire labels on?

Yes they have its a blue label on the end of the bed that has a cigarette image on. Please check out image on our web page. Or click link below. Fire labels | Xcel Furniture. Carmarthen

What do fire labels look like?

It all depends on what it is on, please follow link to this. Fire Labels

It did have a fire label but it has now gone will you still take it?

I am sorry no we can not it has to be attached to the furniture.

Would You take an armchair that was part of a three piece or two piece?

It does depend on the armchair. what we recommend you do is email us with a photo and we will get back to you.

Is there a warranty on Electricals?

Yes there is a three months warranty on all of our electricals.

When does my warranty start?

The warranty starts from the time you have purchased your item.

Are you able to collect big or bulky items?

Yes we have vans that can come to you to collect goods. Please go to our contact form. Contact Us

How can I make my donation worth 25% more?

Gift Aid it! Gift Aid is a scheme that allows charities to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK taxpayer. This means your donations will be worth 25% more to us at no extra cost to you. If you Gift Aid your donations we can claim back from the Government 25p for every £1 of goods you donate. There is more information on the Donate tab or just ask in store for more information. Donate

I am looking for a specific item can you let me now if one comes in?

I am sorry we can not do this. How ever you can check Facebook and if you do see what you are after it is better to ring us on 01267 225995. Facebook

Have you got any wardrobes sofas and beds in stock?

The best way to see what we have in stock is have a look at Facebook or our web site. But if you do like to ring us 01267 225995. Facebook

Is it possible to send pictures of items you have please?

Due to our resources we can not do it. But our Facebook and web site has the photos on them link below. Facebook

Which address do you want the address I live in or the address the items are in?

The address we would like is the one we are picking up items from. But if you are Gift Aiding we would like yours as well. there is a form on this web site which you can attach with your email link below. Gift aid form

How much does your items cost?

Our items very in price if you would like to look at our Facebook it has the price there. Link below Facebook

Do I have to book a appointment to come down?

No you don't have to book to come down just make sure it when we are open please check web site for times.

Do you offer removal service?

No we do not offer removal service.