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Hotpoint HUE53G Oven lamp Assembly (Complete)


This part was taken from an appliance with a broken PCB, but this part is working perfectly.


We have 2 in stock.


Hotpoint HUE53G Oven lamp Assembly (Complete)

  • 50HEG, 50HEGS, 50HEP, 50HEPS, 50HEPS_E, 50HGP, 51TCW, 52TCW, 52TCWS, 60HEG, 60HEGS, 60HEGS_E, 60HEGS_EE (869991557600), 60HEP, 60HEPS, 60HEPS_E, 60HEPS_EE (869991557230), 60HGP, 61DCW, 61DCW(T), 61DGW, 61DGWF, 61DGW(T), 62DCBK, 62DCW, 62DCWS, 62DGBK, 62DGW, AHP37X, AHP37X/1, AHP37X(T), AHP662K, AHP662X, AHP662X/1, AHP66X, AHP66X/1, AHP67X, AHP67X/1, AHP67X(T), ARC60W, ARC60X, ARG60W, ARG60X, BD32B, BD32B/2, BD32B MK2, BD32B MK2(T), BD32B (T), BD32K, BD32K/2, BD32K MK2, BD32K MK2(T), BD32K (T), BD32P, BD32P/2, BD32P MK2, BD32P MK2(T), BD32P (T), BD42SS, BD42SS/2, BD42SS MK2, BD42SS MK2T, BD42SS (T), BD52B, BD52B/2, BD52B MK2, BD52B MK2(T), BD52B (T), BD52K/1, BD52K/2, BD52K MK2, BD52P, BD52P/2, BD52P MK2, BD52P MK2(T), BD52P (T), BD62SS, BD62SS/2, BD62SS MK2, BD62SS MK2T, BD62SS (T), BQ63K, BS43B, BS43B/1, BS43K, BS43K/1, BS43W, BS43W/1, BS53X, BS53X/1, BS63B, BS63EB, BS63EK, BS63EN, BS63ES, BS63ET, BS63EW, BS63K, BS63N, BS63S, BS63W, BS73EX, BS73X, BS89EK, BS89EX, BU72B, BU72B/2, BU72B MK2, BU72B MK2(T), BU72B (T), BU72K, BU72K/2, BU72K MK2, BU72K MK2(T), BU72K (T), BU72P, BU72P/2, BU72P MK2, BU72P MK2(T), BU72P (T), BU82SS, BU82SS/2, BU82SS MK2, BU82SS MK2T, BU82SS (T), BZ831CK, C120EW, C358EWH, C367EIH, C367EKH, C367EKH(T), C367EWH, C367EWH(T), C367EXH, C367EXH(T), C367GWH, C368EWH, C368EWH(T), C50HNW, C60ETX, CH10450GF, CH10450GFS, CH10455GF, CH10455GFS, CH10456GF, CH10456GFS, CH10750GF, CH10750GFS, CH10755GF , CH10755GFS, CH10755GFS_L, CH10756GF , CH50GCIK, CH50GCIK.0, CH50GCIS, CH50GCIW, CH60DHKF, CH60DHKFS, CH60DHKFS_E, CH60DHKFS_EE (869991557170), CH60DHSF, CH60DHSFS, CH60DHWF, CH60DHWFS, CH60DHWFS_E, CH60DHWFS_EE (869991557570), CH60DTCF, CH60DTCFS, CH60DTXF, CH60DTXFS, CH60EKK, CH60EKKS, CH60EKKS_E, CH60EKKS_EE (869991557510), CH60EKS, CH60EKW, CH60EKWS, CH60EKWS_E, CH60EKWS_EE (869991557460), CH60ETC, CH60ETC.0S, CH60ETC.0S_E, CH60ETC0S_EE (869991557430), CH60ETCS, CH60ETX, CH60GCIK, CH60GCIS, CH60GCIW, CH60GTCF, CH60GTXF, CH60IPK, CH60ITC, CIM53KCAIXGB, DBS537X, DBS537XS, DBS539CK, DBS539CKS, DBS539CW, DBS539CWS, DBS539CX, DBS539CXS, DBZ891CK, DCH50CW, DCH50GW, DCH60GK, DCL08CB, DCN60K, DCN60K.1 (869991557630), DCN60P, DCN60P_E (869991557620), DCN60S, DCN60S_E (869991557650), DD2540BL, DD2540IX, DD2540WH, DD2544CIX, DD2844CBL, DD2844CIX, DD4541IX, DD4544JIX, DD53X, DD60C2CKUK, DD89CX, DE47X, DE47X1, DE47X/2, DE89X, DE89X/1, DE89X1(T), DH51K, DH51W, DH53B, DH53BS, DH53CK, DH53CKS, DH53K, DH53KS, DH53W, DH53WS, DH53X, DH53XS, DH93CK, DH93CX, DH93CXS, DH93K, DH93KS, DH93X, DH93XS, DH99CX, DHG65SG1CX, DHS51X, DHS53CX, DHS53CXS, DHS53X, DHS53XS, DIMNS53KCAIX, DKD3841IX, DKD53CX, DKD5841JCIX, DKD63JCX, DKD89X, DKU5541JCIX, DQ47I, DQ47I/2, DQ47IMK2, DQ47IMK2(T), DQ47I (T), DQ89I, DQ89I/1, DQ89I(T), DSC50S, DSC60P, DSC60P.1 (869991557420), DSC60P_E, DSC60S, DSC60SS, DSC60SS.1, DSC60SS.1_E, DSC60SS.1_EE (869991557190), DSD60S, DSD60SS, DSD60SS.0, DSG60GM, DSG60K, DSG60S, DU2540BL, DU2540IX, DU2540WH, DU4541IX, DU4541JCIX, DU4841JCIX, DUE61BC, DUE61BC_E (869991557740), DUE61R, DUG61BC, DUG61BC (25869090000UK), DX1032CX, DX1032CXS, DX892CX, DX892CXS, DX937CX, DXB83K, DXD7912CIX, DXU7912CIX, DY46K, DY46K/2, DY46K MK2, DY46K MK2(T), DY46K (T), DY46W, DY46W/2, DY46W MK2, DY46W MK2(T), DY46W (T), DY46X, DY46X/2, DY46X MK2, DY46X MK2(T), DY46X (T), EG1000EX, EG1000GX, EG600X, EG600X (T), EG74G, EG74G(T), EG74P, EG74P(T), EG74X, EG74X(T), EG902GX, EG902GXS, EK50, EW12C, EW12P, EW36G, EW36K, EW36P, EW36X, EW38G, EW38K, EW38P, EW38X, EW48G, EW48K, EW48P, EW48X, EW50, EW74G, EW74G(T), EW74K, EW74K(T), EW74P, EW74P(T), EW74X, EW74X(T), EW84G, EW84G(T), EW84K, EW84K(T), EW84P, EW84P(T), EW84X, EW84X(T), FH103IX/HA, GW38G, GW38K, GW38P, GW38X, GW74G, GW74K, GW74P, GW74X, HAE51G, HAE51GS, HAE51K, HAE51KS, HAE51P, HAE51PS, HAE51X, HAE51XS, HAE60G, HAE60GS, HAE60K, HAE60KS, HAE60KS_E, HAE60KS_EE (869991557530), HAE60P, HAE60PS, HAE60PS_E, HAE60PS_EE (869991557450), HAE60X, HAE60XS, HAE60XS_E, HAG60G, HAG60K, HAG60P, 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HUI611X_E (869991557750), HUI612K, HUI612P, HUI612P_E (869991557780), HUI614K, HUI62TK, HUI62TK_E, HUI62TP, HUL61G, HUL61K, HUL61P, HUL61X, HW150EW, HW151EW, HW160EC, HW160EW, HW170EK, HW170EKS, HW170EW, HW170EWS, JLE60P, JLE60P_E, JLE60P_EE (869991557500), JLE61P, JLG60P, JLG61P, KSD99CX, KSD99CXS, KSO33CX, KSO33CXS, KSO53CX, KSO53CXS, KSO89CX, KSO89CXS, OS89CIX/HP, OS89IX/HP, S130EWHMK2T, S130EWH (T), S130EXHMK2T, S130EXH (T), SBS51X, SBS51XS, SBS636X, SBS636XS, SBS638CK, SBS638CKS, SBS638CW, SBS638CWS, SBS638CX, SBS638CXS, SC36EB, SC36EK, SC36EW, SC36EX, SC52VX, SC52X, SC77EK, SC77EW, SC77EX, SC87EX, SC88X, SCL08EB, SD33X, SD33X.1, SD52I, SD52K, SD53ER, SD53ESB, SD53EX, SD89EX, SD97EI, SD97EK, SD97EW, SD97I, SD97K, SD97W, SE61X, SE651X, SE661X, SE661X/1, SE662K/1, SE861X, SE861X/1, SE872X, SH103C0X, SH103CX , SH103CXS, SH31K, SH31W, SH33K, SH33KS, SH33W, SH33WS, SH33X, SH33XS, SH51X, SH51XS, SH53CKX, SH53CX, SH53CXS, SH53K, SH53KS, SH53X, SH53XS, SH83CK, SH83CKS, SH83CX, SH83CXS, 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