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Hotpoint HUE53G Oven Terminal Block


This part was taken from an appliance with a broken PCB, but this part is working perfectly.


Hotpoint HUE53G Oven Terminal Block

  • 10450G, 10450GF, 10455G, 10455GF, 10456G, 10456GF, 50HEG, 50HEGS, 50HEP, 50HEPS, 52TCW, 52TCWS, 53606, 58098, 60HEG, 60HEGS, 60HEP, 60HEPS, 61DCW, 62DCW, 62DCWS, 68591, AHP37X, AHP37X/1, AHP67X, AHP67X/1, AL6CDW, AP5PDS, AP5PDW, BD32B MK2, BD32B/2, BD32K MK2, BD32K/2, BD32P MK2, BD32P/2, BD42SS MK2, BD42SS/2, BD52B MK2, BD52B/2, BD52K MK2, BD52K/2, BD52P MK2, BD52P/2, BD62SS MK2, BD62SS/2, BDC643K, BDC643S, BDC643W, BDVC663W, BDVC664K, BDVC664S, BDVC664W, BDVC667S, BDVC667W, BDVC667X, BE92FVW, BIMDS23BIX, BIMDS23BIXS, BU72B MK2, BU72B/2, BU72K MK2, BU72K/2, BU72P MK2, BU72P/2, BU82SS MK2, BU82SS/2, C367EXH, C368EWH, C50ECK, C50ECS, C50ECW, C50ECX, C50EKB, C50EKS, C50EKW, C50EKX, C60DHK, C60DHKF, C60DHS, C60DHSF, C60DHW, C60DHWF, C60DPC, C60DPCF, C60DPX, C60DPXF, C60DTC, C60DTCF, C60DTX, C60DTXF, C60EKB, C60EKK, C60EKS, C60EKW, C60ETC, C60ETX, CH10450GF, CH10455GF, CH10456GF, CH60DHKF, CH60DHKFS, CH60DHSF, CH60DHSFS, CH60DHWF, CH60DHWFS, CH60DPCF, CH60DPCFS, CH60DPXF, CH60DPXFS, CH60DTCF, CH60DTXF, CH60DTXFS, CH60EKK, CH60EKKS, CH60EKS, CH60EKW, CH60EKWS, CH60ETC, CH60ETCS, CH60ETX, CM101FRCP, CM101FRKP, CMTF94C, D531AW, D531S, D532AS, D532AW, D532W, D532X, D533AK, D533AS, D533AW, D533K, D533S, D533W, D533X, DB62X, DBS537X, DBS537XS, DBS539CK, DBS539CKS, DBS539CW, DBS539CWS, DBS539CX, DBS539CXS, DC5422AS, DC5422AW, DC5422S, DC5422W, DC5422X, DC543S, DC543W, DC543X, DC643S, DC643W, DCL08CB, DE47X, DE47X/2, DE89X/1, DE89X1, DH53B, DH53BS, DH53CK, DH53CKS, DH53K, DH53KS, DH53W, DH53WS, DH53X, DH53XS, DH93CX, DH93CXS, DH93K, DH93KS, DH93X, DH93XS, DH99CX, DHS53CX, DHS53CXS, DHS53X, DHS53XS, DQ47I/2, DQ47IMK2, DQ89I, DQ89I/1, DSC50S, DSC60S, DSC60SS, DSD60S, DSD60SS, DV555AS, DV555AW, DV555AX, DV555S, DV555W, DV555X, DV655S, DV655W, DV655X, DVC5622X, DVC563AW, DVC563S, DVC563W, DVC663K, DVC663S, DVC663W, DVC665S, DVC665W, DVC665X, DX1032CX, DX1032CXS, DX892CXS, DX937CX, DY46K MK2, DY46K/2, DY46W MK2, DY46W/2, DY46X MK2, DY46X/2, EB10CRX, EB10FRX, EG1000EX, EG1000GX, EG74G, EG74P, EG74X, EG94X, EW74G, EW74K, EW74P, EW74X, EW84G, EW84K, EW84P, EW84X, FID10IX/1, FID10IX1S, FID20BK/1, FID20BKMK2, FID20IX MK2, FID20IX/1, FID20IXMK2, FID20WH/1, FID20WHMK2, FIDM20IX/1, FIDM20IXMK2, FIMD13IX, FIMD13IXS, FIMD23(WH)S, FIMD23BK, FIMD23BKS, FIMD23IX, FIMD23IXS ?, FIMD23WH, FIMDE23IX, FIMDE23IXS, FIMU23BK, FIMU23BKS, FIMU23IX, FIMU23IXS, FIMU23WH, FIMU23WHS, FIU20BK, FIU20IX MK2, FIU20IX/1, FIU20WH/1, FIU20WHMK2, HAE51GS, HAE51K, HAE51KS, HAE51P, HAE51PS, HAE51X, HAE51XS, HAE60G, HAE60GS, HAE60K, HAE60KS, HAE60P, HAE60PS, HAE60X, HAE60XS, HUD61G, HUD61GS, HUD61K, HUD61KS, HUD61P, HUD61PS, HUD61X, HUD61XS, HUE52G, HUE52K, HUE52KS, HUE52P, HUE52PS, HUE52X, HUE53G, HUE53GS, HUE53K, HUE53P, HUE53PS, HUE53X, HUE61G, HUE61GS, HUE61K, HUE61KS, HUE61P, HUE61PS, HUE61X, HUE61XS, HUE62G, HUE62K, HUE62KS, HUE62P, HUE62PS, HUE62X, HUE62XS, HUE63P, HW151EW, HW170EKS, HW170EWS, ID50C1K, ID50C1KS, ID50C1W, ID50C1WS, ID50E1W, ID50E1WS, ID50E1X, ID60C2(A)S, ID60C2(K), ID60C2(X), ID60C2A, ID60C2KS, ID60C2M, ID60C2MS, ID60C2W, ID60C2WS, ID60C2XS, IS60C1W, IS60C1WS, IS60C1X, IS60C1XXS, IS60EW, IS60EWS, IT50C1X, IT50C1XXS, IT50CA, IT50CAS, IT50CM, IT50CMS, IT50CW, IT50CWS, IT50D1X, IT50D1XXS, IT50DW, IT50E(A)S, IT50E1X, IT50E1XXS, IT50EA, IT50EM, IT50EMS, IT50EW, IT50EWS, KD3C1(A)/G, KD3C3(K)/G, KD3C3WG, KD3G11S(X)/G, KD6C35A, KD6C35K, KD6C35M(T), KD6C35MT, KDP60CS, KDP60SE, KP900CX, KP902CX, KP9508CXG, KP9C11S(K)/G, KP9C11S(X)/G, KSD99CX, KSD99CXS, LEVC54K, LEVC54S, LEVC54W, ODF21300B, ODF21300F, ODF21300W, ODF22300X, OTF12300X, UBS537CX, UBS537CXS, UE47X, UE47X/2, UE89X/1, UE89X1, UH53B, UH53K, UH53KS, UH53W, UH53WS, UHS53X, UHS53XS, UQ47I MK2, UQ47I/2, UQ89I, UQ89I/1, UX892CX, UY46K MK2, UY46W MK2, UY46X/2, UY46XMK2
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