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    We are now open Mon-Fri: 9am to 4pm Sat-Sun: Closed AND CLOSED EVERY BANK HOLIDAY Contact us on: 01267 225995 ​ ​ ​ Donations of clothes, shoes & toys accepted on Thursdays & Fridays ONLY Donations of Furniture & Electricals can be dropped off Mon-Fri 10am-4pm ​ Email: Close Since opening our doors to the public over 7 years ago, we have always kept our delivery costs as low as we could. From Monday the 1st of November 2021 our delivery charges are changing across the board. For example - within Carmarthen town itself it will now increase from £10 to £15. Other areas outside this radius will also increase respectively.

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    Welcome to Xcel Furniture! ​ Xcel Furniture is a non-profit furniture recycling centre in Johnstown, Carmarthen. We collect, recycle and sell second-hand furniture and white goods. ​ All the proceeds from Xcel Furniture go towards the Xcel Project. As part of the Xcel Project we give away some items of furniture to local people experiencing a crisis. We have a NEW entrance. Directions: Follow the B4312 past the Xcel Bowl entrance and take the next left into the back of our site. Xcel furniture worked with Carmarthenshire council when the terrible storms we had that flooded out some homes in Carmarthenshire in October 2018. Xcel was responsible of give and taking furniture and white good to the victims.

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    Donations ​Contact-Free Collection Service ​ Due to further increasing demand we are now pleased to open up our collection service further from WEDNESDAY TO FRIDAY each week - starting on 29/09/2020. Please e-mail us , call us (01267) 225995 or call into the showroom to enquire about this service. ​ To limit contact and time in your property for the safety of both you and our collection team; we are only collecting items from preferably outside the front door of your house/property/building. If the weather is going to be an issue we can collect items inside your front/back door/garage. ​ If there are heavy items upstairs or in a specific room and you cannot get them downstairs or near the front door we will be happy to bring them down/remove them subject to the appropriate safety protocols. Any smaller, light items will have to be brought to the front door for us; again to limit time in the property for your safety as well as ours. This service will be for Carmarthen and a 10 mile radius only (for example St. Clears, Pontyates, Ferryside, Llanddarog, Nantgaredig, Pontyberem and so on.)We will assess each delivery and location on a case by case basis at our discretion.​ If the items donated cannot fit through your door of choice in 1 piece then will be unable to collect, so please measure to ensure it can go through the door easily before booking.​ We must strongly insist that we have pictures of your items as well as any fire labels if required BEFORE anything can be arranged, these pictures must be sent to our Facebook messenger or via e-mail.​ ** IT IS STILL ULTIMATELY THE FINAL DECISION OF THE DRIVER/COLLECTION TEAM WHETHER OR NOT TO COLLECT THE ITEM(S) IN QUESTION AND THEY RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY ITEMS THEY DEEM UNSUITABLE. **​ If the items to be donated are left outside the property and are damaged by the weather then they WILL not be collected.​ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS MUST BE READ, UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED TO BEFORE WE WILL ARRANGE COLLECTION. ​ Delivery ​​Delivery Service ​ ​Due to increasing demand we are now pleased to offer a delivery service this is a contact-free service and we would prefer where possible the items be placed outside your property by us to limit contact and for our safety as well as yours. If needed we can enter your property with larger, heavier items. ​ It is solely the responsibility of the customer to measure their entrances, doors, hallways etc. to make sure the items delivered will fit into the property. This also applies to the condition and suitability of the items purchased.​ We can deliver any number of items to the same address within Carmarthen area for just £10, up to a maximum of 1 van load. This service will be for Carmarthen and 5 mile radius outside only (for example Bronwydd, Banc-y-felin, Llangynog, Llandyfaelog, Llangyndeyrn, Capel Dewi, Abergwili and so on.)​ Delivery within Carmarthenshire is available from £15 depending on location. We will assess each delivery and location on a case by case basis at our discretion.​ Please note that if you buy an item from us that on delivery does not fit in to your property we will be unable to refund the delivery cost. If we are re-delivering an alternative, you will need to pay the delivery charge again. To avoid this please MEASURE UP before buying.​ For the safety of you and our colleagues, these deliveries are completely contact free and we will place your order on your doorstep ideally and confirm delivery verbally instead of taking a signature.​ However, we are happy to enter your house to deliver larger, heavier items if you cannot manage them (Wardrobe, 3 piece suite, 3 seater sofa, washing machine etc.) ensuring all safety protocols are followed. . Further be advised, we can only deliver items up or down 1 flight of stairs.​ We will be placing smaller items outside/inside the door for you to carry.​ Customers need to ensure they are in the property ready on the day of delivery.​ ** We will deliver the items to the front/main door of your property/building (NO DELIVERY TO INDIVIDUAL FLATS/APARTMENTS OR UP ANY STAIRS INSIDE YOUR BUILDING.) **​ We are of course happy for you to return to collect items that have been paid for later in the day or at a later date. Please note items can be held for a maximum of 5 days due to restrictions on warehouse space. THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS MUST BE READ, UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED TO BEFORE WE WILL TAKE PAYMENT AND ARRANGE DELIVERY.​ ​ Loyalty Point ​ ​ These terms and conditions (including our Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at ) govern the collection and use of points and set out the terms of contract between Xcel Furniture, and you the customer relating to the Loyalty Programme. You can join the Loyalty Programme by applying for an Xcel Loyalty Card in Xcel Furniture and you will be issued a Loyalty Card which can be used to earn points on the same Loyalty Account. If you apply to register with us you accept these terms and conditions. We may refuse an application to join the Loyalty Programme for any reason at our sole discretion including (but not limited to) risk of reputational damage to us, any reasonable suspicion of previous criminal activity, including shoplifting or any previous history of verbal or physical abuse to Xcel staff. ​ ​ To register for the Loyalty Programme you will need to provide your name, address, phone, number and email for a Loyalty Account. A Loyalty Account will be created in your name to record points to be earned or redeemed by you. You must be 16 years of age or over and resident in the UK to join the Loyalty Programme. ​​ Your Loyalty Card is issued to you at a charge of £1.50. If the Account is not used at all in 18 months your account will be void and all of the points accumulated will be lost. You are responsible for the security of your Loyalty Card, including security details relating to your Loyalty Account and for the transactions and/or redemption of points made using your Loyalty Card. You should not share your Loyalty Account. If you lose your Loyalty Card, you will have to request a replacement card at an additional cost of £1.50. Your Loyalty Card will earn points at a value of £5.00 for every £100.00 spent, which can be redeemed against future purchases. Loyalty Points are personal to you and cannot be transferred to anybody else. Loyalty Points may only be redeemed and earned in accordance with these terms. Your Card cannot be used as a credit card or a guarantee card. The Loyalty Programme is only for consumer use. The Loyalty Card cannot be used for any transaction where the beneficiary is a business entity or for any other commercial purposes ​​ In addition to the above, Xcel reserves the right to Stop issuing Loyalty Cards at any time if we decide to terminate the Loyalty Programme; To alter or amend the terms and conditions of operation of the Loyalty Card and/or the Loyalty Programme by publishing notices on our website and / or Withdraw or cancel the Loyalty Card and/or the points (including but not limited to the redemption and issue of such) and / or Loyalty Account on reasonable notice to you by letter, email or publishing such notice on our website at . ​​ We will retain your personal information for as long as you are a member of the Loyalty Programme. You may cancel your membership at any time by contacting us at The Loyalty Programme is operated and promoted by Xcel, Llansteffan road, Johnstown, Carmarthen, SA31 3BP. (01267) 225995. ​​ HOW TO COLLECT POINTS To collect points for a transaction in Xcel store, you must present your Loyalty Card at the till at the time of purchase. You must Spend over £5.00 for you to gain point. Your Loyalty Card will earn points at a value of £5.00 for every £100.00 spent, which can be redeemed against future purchases. ​ Xcel are entitled to cancel points awarded if the relevant products to which such award relates are returned for any reason, and a refund of the purchase price is given. If the relevant products were exchanged for other products, the points awarded would be adjusted accordingly depending on whether the exchange is for a higher or lower value item.

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    DO YOU HAVE UNWANTED HOUSEHOLD ITEMS? WHY NOT DONATE THEM TO XCEL FURNITURE? Have you got items like a washing machine or a sofa which you are replacing, but think your existing ones are too good to throw away? ​ Please consider donating them to us so they can be re-used by someone else. ​ We have a low-cost furniture & electrical showroom open to all. We also support people within our local community in partnership with various agencies. ​ All donations are checked upon arrival. ​​ We service electrical items. Our objective is for all our items to be good quality and in good condition. Gift aid information If you are a UK taxpayer and are donating to us, we can claim an extra 25% back from the UK Government at NO cost to you, Gift Aid Agreement Form Gift Aid Declaration Form Gift Aid Information Donation Form

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    Please note that from Monday the 1st of November 2021 our delivery charges are changing across the board. For example - within Carmarthen town itself it will now be £15. Other areas outside this radius will also increase respectively. Our prices to date have stayed at the same low cost since we opened, but now we have no alternative but to increase these charges. Close

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    THE SHOW ROOM Why not pop into the showroom to have browse. We have a great range of items in stock. Good items move quickly so if you are looking for something in particular it is best to keep up to date on our Facebook Page... We have been busy making changes to adhere to Government guidelines . Please read our statement for these changes: Facebook is the best way to keep in touch with us. We are constantly updating our page with pictures of our current stock. If you see something you like on our page, the best thing to do is to check the items' availability by ringing the showroom direct on: 01267 225995 ​ (We can only reserve items for up to 24 hours.) SOME OF OUR LATEST SNAPS WE CAN DELIVER Xcel Furniture has its own delivery service. Delivery rates start from £15, and we can deliver to most Carmarthenshire addresses. ​ Please click the click on photo for full terms and conditions .

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    CONTACT US ON - 01267 225995 Or fill out our form below If you are a UK taxpayer and are donating to us, we can claim an extra 25% back from the UK Government at NO cost to you, Donations T&Cs Gift aid form Contact Form Please leave your message and we'll get back to you shortly. ​ If you are donating items and you what use to pick them up please send pictures of your items and the fire label as well. All items with upholstery on them, they must have a fire label by law. We will not process your email without this .

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    Have a look what our customers have done. Why not come down to XCEL FURNITURE pick up a bargain and be creative. If you can send us photos before and after that will be great. You might see your photos here on this page then you can tell your friends.

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    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What types of goods do you take in your shops? We look for good quality men’s and women’s clothing and shoes good quality furniture children’s clothing, toys and games with all of the pieces non-pierced jewellery belts, handbag unwanted gifts small household electricals large household electricals If you want to check any items with us, please call us on 01267 225995 or email us Contact us | Xcel Furniture. Carmarthen Would you take a sofa without fire labels? No we can not due to the. Regulations Please click link below. Would you take a armchair without fire labels? No we can not due to the. Regulations Please click link below. The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1989 and 1993). Has mattresses got to have fire labels on? Yes they have its a blue label on the end of the bed that has a cigarette image on. Please check out image on our web page. Or click link below. Fire labels | Xcel Furniture. Carmarthen What do fire labels look like? It all depends on what it is on, please follow link to this. Fire Labels It did have a fire label but it has now gone will you still take it? I am sorry no we can not it has to be attached to the furniture. Would You take an armchair that was part of a three piece or two piece? It does depend on the armchair. what we recommend you do is email us with a photo and we will get back to you. Is there a warranty on Electricals? Yes there is a three months warranty on all of our electricals. When does my warranty start? The warranty starts from the time you have purchased your item. Are you able to collect big or bulky items? Yes we have vans that can come to you to collect goods. Please go to our contact form. Contact Us How can I make my donation worth 25% more? Gift Aid it! Gift Aid is a scheme that allows charities to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK taxpayer. This means your donations will be worth 25% more to us at no extra cost to you. If you Gift Aid your donations we can claim back from the Government 25p for every £1 of goods you donate. There is more information on the Donate tab or just ask in store for more information. Donate I am looking for a specific item can you let me now if one comes in? I am sorry we can not do this. How ever you can check Facebook and if you do see what you are after it is better to ring us on 01267 225995. Facebook Have you got any wardrobes sofas and beds in stock? The best way to see what we have in stock is have a look at Facebook or our web site. But if you do like to ring us 01267 225995. Facebook Is it possible to send pictures of items you have please? Due to our resources we can not do it. But our Facebook and web site has the photos on them link below. Facebook Which address do you want the address I live in or the address the items are in? The address we would like is the one we are picking up items from. But if you are Gift Aiding we would like yours as well. there is a form on this web site which you can attach with your email link below. Gift aid form How much does your items cost? Our items very in price if you would like to look at our Facebook it has the price there. Link below Facebook Do I have to book a appointment to come down? No you don't have to book to come down just make sure it when we are open please check web site for times. Do you offer removal service? No we do not offer removal service.

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    Xcel Projects ​ Charity statement. The Xcel Community Shop and Xcel Furniture are social enterprise provisions of Towy Community Church, a not for profit limited company, no.07181550; Registered Charity no.1136394, which also includes Xcel Bowl, Carmarthen Foodbank and Carmarthen Community Money Advice. The charity employs nearly 30 staff and provides volunteering opportunities for over 100 people, serving the local community and economy in the retail, leisure and tourism industry. Any profits generated by Xcel Bowl are utilised in supporting the Community Shop and Furniture, as well as in partnership with Trussell Trust, providing the Carmarthen Foodbank and Carmarthen Community Money Advice. The vision statement of the organisation is reaching people, changing lives. The aim of the projects is to provide an affordable source of good quality clothing, household items, furniture and white goods to those who are on low incomes, or disenfranchised. In addition the site is utilised as a community hub space, providing opportunity for local social interaction. We work in partnership with over 50 public and third sector agencies offering social support, providing short term solutions to food, clothing and furnishing issues, particularly where lack of income or funds demands those items are provided without cost to the individual family involved. In addition, Carmarthen Community Money Advice Xcel has been established to address the causes of food poverty and provide a free debt advocacy service to those in need in Carmarthen. Finally, Xcel sponsors and supports other local charities and events as appropriate, including concessionary rates at Xcel Bowl for a number of local social service providers. Your giving allows us to provide support to your local community at the point of need, whilst enabling the recipients of our services to retain dignity and find stability at difficult times in their life journey. To date, we estimate over 20000 people, including approx. 8000 children in Carmarthen and the surrounding area have benefited significantly from our efforts and your generosity. Thank you for joining with Towy Community Church in reaching people, changing lives.