Terms and Conditions


  • We can deliver any number of items to the same address within Carmarthen area for just £10.

  • Delivery within Carmarthenshire available for £15/£20 depending on location.

  • Please note that if you buy an item from us that on delivery does not fit in to your property we will not refund the delivery cost. If we are re-delivering an alternative, you will need to pay the delivery charge again. To avoid this please MEASURE UP before buying.

  • We can only deliver items up 1 flight of stairs.

  • We are happy for you to come back to collect items that have been paid for later in the day or at a later date (within 5 days as an absolute maximum). We simply don't have the storage space in the showroom to store them for any longer.

Mae Dodrefen Xcel yn rhan o Prosiect Xcel

Sefydlwyd Prosiect gan Eglwys Gymunedol Tywi.

Xcel Furniture is part of the Xcel Project

The Xcel Project was founded by Towy Community Church

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