Have you got items like a washing machine or a sofa which you are replacing, but think your existing ones are too good to throw away?

Please consider donating them to us so they can be re-used by someone else.

We have a low-cost furniture & electrical showroom open to all. We also support people within our local community in partnership with various agencies.

All donations are checked upon arrival.

We service electrical items.


Our objective is for all our items to be good quality and in good condition.

All upholstered items MUST have a fire label attached.

Photo below.

If your item has the appropriate label, please contact us to see if it’s suitable for us.

E-mail or Facebook us with photos and details of the items you would like to donate.

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If your items are suitable for us please bring them to us,

But only when the showroom is open please check times of opening hours,

If you do not have transport, we have a free collection service for large items please check with our main office for collection.

(the above terms are for 10 items or less)

Gift aid information

If you are a UK taxpayer and are donating to us, we can claim

an extra 25% back from the UK Government at NO cost to you, 

Please read our statement for the precautions we have put in place to adhere to Government guidelines:


Mae Dodrefen Xcel yn rhan o Prosiect Xcel

Sefydlwyd Prosiect gan Eglwys Gymunedol Tywi.

Xcel Furniture is part of the Xcel Project

The Xcel Project was founded by Towy Community Church